Your First Stop for on-demand paralegal services for law firms and in-house general counsel.  Whether you need quick research help on a specific project, or ongoing assistance, contact GreacenStation for an experienced, affordable and fast-responding legal team member.

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Carmella-2Carmella Greacen founded GreacenStation in 2014 and is the sole proprietor. Ms. Greacen has been in the legal field since 1976, when she was a fledgling real estate agent supplementing her meager initial earnings by preparing transaction closing statements for attorneys representing “FSBO” clients (“For Sale By Owner”) and filling in for vacationing legal assistants in various law offices. As a single mother new to the real estate business, she relied heavily on that supplementary income while developing her brokerage business. By 1979, she had qualified for the Illinois Million Dollar Club and President’s Club and was named Coles-Cumberland County Realtor-Associate of the Year.

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vps2 Virtual Paralegal Services (VPS™) is the trusted paralegal support partner for hundreds of small law firms. VPS provides solo and small practices with a seamless administrative and paralegal support staff without the costs of recruiting, hiring, and managing full-time personnel. Clients not only have on-demand access to a senior support staff but access to a wide range of practice area expertise to help expand their firm’s capabilities.Differing from a temporary or contract staffing agency, VPS establishes long-term relationships with its clients and creates continuity and stability that short-term staffing agencies cannot provide.

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